I want you to think of the world today as a giant volcanic plate cracked by lava streams. We all occupy a personal small island in this maelstrom. Modern times give us the freedom to build walls around ourselves, break down walls in conquest, or just watch from afar. To paraphrase John Mayer, we’re all slow dancing in a burning room.

I don’t know what humanity is. Regardless of what we do, we have a little voice inside our head telling us that there is something… …something.  I hesitate to say better because we honestly don’t know. You might think it rare to see the world united in suffering like it is now. But since we oozed out the primordial slime, we’ve always been united by one desire. To see someone, jumping over all those burning rivers and sharp crevices to reach out to you. To see someone doing what you, in your hearts of hearts wish you were doing too. Someone to look up to. An inspiration. A hero.

You already know who I’m talking about. Although I do not know who you’re thinking of. Is it the man you see out on the street right now? Or is it the last dialled number in your phone? Maybe it’s those people you saw on TV who did those wonderful things that you thought were really cool? I know you look up to them. You might even feel guilty you’re not one of them. Maybe humanity is guilt.

On your behalf (and mine), I dedicate a few hours of my afternoon to make us think about the ones who unite us, the ones who leap over those canyons and bring a cool breeze with them. You can now go back to your wall-building if that’s what you wish.

P.S. it is quite difficult writing a page like this without using the words ‘corona’ and ‘pandemic’ even once. Kudos to me.


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